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Monday, April 4, 2011

first day. :)

hey all. :)
as u know this is ryo's mummy. not ryo. hahahha!
im doin this coz i tak de buku nak tulis about him. 
so i do this blog. so when he grow he can read and continue what i do for him. :)
first i nak tell u all about ryo. :)

his name is RYO MECCA SOLIANO.
he was born on 24th August 2009.
when he first came out, he was 2.8 kg.
he very small baby. :) 
i still remember his tiny hands and legs. 
when i push him out, i can hear his voice!
very loud! i knew it that is my boy. :)
the doctor show me his little birdie. and i smile. :) 

the doctor cover him him with green blanket. 
wipe all the blood and all. 
and tibe2, the doc bring him away. 
i was like mane doc nak bwk pegi?
the nurse tell me yg Ryo ade masalah pernafasan. :'( 
kne keluarkan benda sangkut kat tekak dye. :(
i was in pain that time but tak rase pon sakit tu.. 
so after gave birth i cant hold Ryo sbb doctor bwk dye pegi NICU ( im not sure ape maksud dye )
 so i baring la sorg2 kt ctu.
waiting for the doc finish every thing and bring me to my room.
i cant call greg coz my phone was with my mom in law that time. i went in just with my bag. :( 
i ask the nurse call greg or my mom in law.

after few hours kt ctu, finally nurse bwk i go to my room. 
i ask where's ryo they said he inside the special room. :(

i waited for greg in my bed. then i told him i wanna see him.
he push me to go and see ryo.

i feel like crying when i see him!
sbb ade tiub in his nose and mouth! :'(
sbb ade prob pernafasan he can't breath properly so kne pkai tiub. 
and my milk tak nak keluar pulak. 
i kene pam bg kuwa. and it will take a while.
so they have to give ryo normal milk. but kne bg gune tiub.
can u imagine. ur son kne masok tiub and all.
i still remember that time. i feel like crying.
i cant hold him and feed him. :(

then after 1 day stay kat sne i have to go home. 
ryo kne tinggal kat hosp.
i feel like dont want to go home. i want to be with ryo.
but what can i do. utk ryo sihat dye kne stay kt hosp. 
so ok la i went home. he stay there. the next morning the hosp call i can stay there with ryo.
the prepare bed for me. i have to stay there until ryo bole kuwa. 
im so happy bile dpt tdo ngn ryo.
but actually tak juga. dye dlm katil khas dye. i just can angkat dye mse breast feed je.
then dye tdo kena letak balik dalam katil tu.
but ok juga la kan? from nothing.
so ok la.. after few days he ok. he can drink milk.
then tibe2 dye kene deman kuning lak.
doc ckp kne amek darah dye nak check. :(
his tiny hand bengkak sbb kne cucuk jarum. 
then doc suh put him under the light beside my bed.
n my bed so cold. i have to open his baju n put him under the light.
i can see him shivering.
i call the doc ckp dye doc suh bwk kt luwa pulak sbb ade heater.
so ok la. then the next day he da ok. bole letak beside my bed.
when i give him drink, dye mst tak nak letak. if letak dlm katil mst nangis.

ye la. few days after lahir dye sorg2. 
bile mummy ade kt ctu mst nak dukung je. dye takot la kot. 
he feel safe with me in my arms. :)
so i have to sleep holding him. ade la dlm 3-4 ari tak tdo sbb takot dye terjage. :) 
xpe la. sbb anak ape pon bole. 
but mse first2 kena tuka pampers dye cuak gak.
coz i never change baby punya pampers. ye la, my sisters all so big kan.
nasib baik la ade kakak kt ctu tolong. :) 
anak sulung la katekan. and im the youngest mom there.
mmg ptt la cuak kan. hehehehehe.

tips : jgn malu bertanya if tak tao. mst ade je org nak ajar nnt. :) 

then ryo da start buka mate dye. if tak mse lahir mate kecik je. mcm jepun.
smpai greg ckp i got affair with japanese guy! hahahhha
n now bile da besar muke sebijik cop muke dye! hahhahaha
baru padan muke! :D

but ryo is very strong baby. and very healthy baby.
but he so manje. mse bru lahir tak nak tdo dlm katil dye.
dye nak dukung aje. until now also.
if tdo ppon nak berkepit je ngn daddy.
if letak kt katil dye mst dye bgn nangis nak g kat daddy.
now he sleep between us. :) 

but  nak buat mcm mane kan. dah anak. :) 

to be continued............

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